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Related post: Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 21:55:03 -0400 From: Writer Boy Subject: rebound preteens nonude pictures - part 46Obligatory warnings and disclaimers:1) If reading this is in any way illegal where you are or at your age, or you don't want to read about male/male relationships, go away. You shouldn't be here.2) I don't know any of the celebrities in this story, and this story in no way little preteens models is meant to imply anything about their sexualities, personalities, or anything else. This is a work of pure fiction.Questions and commentary can be sent to "". I legal model preteen enjoy constructive criticism, praise, and rational discussion. I do not enjoy flames, and will not tolerate them.That said, wet preteen girls we now continue.***JC was clearly stunned, staring at me with his mouth hanging open as if he couldn't figure out how I had appeared in the music room, and I saw his eyes get even wider, panicked, as he looked behind me. I realized that he was afraid that Justin was with me, because he didn't know that I'd stayed home today, and I gave him a quick headshake to let him know I was alone. I saw with dismay that undressed preteen jpg JC had been crying, and that his cheeks were still wet, his eyes naked peeing preteens red and his face preteens underage hard blotchy, and I felt my hands curl into fists as I glared at Kevin. How dare he?Kevin Richardson, the one with the giant eyebrows that looked like dead caterpillars.Kevin Richardson, the one who was older than dirt, animated preteen goddess older than Chris K., and older than even me.Kevin Richardson, the married one.Kevin preteen crossdresser bbs Richardson, the smug bastard who tried to play himself off as a clean cut family man, and was dicking JC and fucking with his head and making him cry and ruining his life and obviously causing him severe psychological harm because of his own homo repression and shame and inability to deal with his own issues.Kevin Richardson, who was standing in the middle of the music room with his shirt undone to his waist and nothing on underneath, glaring right back at me like he was about to drop me. Looking at that build, he probably could if he wanted to, and there wouldn't be a hell of a lot I could do to stop him."What the fuck is this shit?" he demanded, stepping toward me. "Who the fuck are you?"I backpedaled, almost running, as JC stepped toward us."Chris?" he asked, blinking. "Chris, what lolli preteen cp are you doing here?""I stayed home," I answered, watching Kevin. He still looked pissed, but he raked his eyes over me."This is forbbiden preteen portal the boyfriend?" he asked, glancing back toward JC. He smirked at me, preteen beauty galleries groping his erection through his pants. "Did you want some, too? That why you're here?"That was it. That was the end. So far I'd listened to him disrespect JC, disrespect Justin, disrespect all gay guys everywhere, and I wasn't about to let him get started on me."No, you numb fucking dickhead," I snapped, lunging toward him. His eyes bulged and he stepped back, apparently only used to dealing with JC, who didn't really seem capable of defending himself. I really had to talk with him sometime about that not hitting other people thing his parents had taught him. I kept walking toward Kevin, pointing at him to emphasize every word out of my mouth, and he kept backing preteen in movies up. "I don't want any of your gay assed hiding in the closet ragging on everyone else because you're too damned ashamed of your own rampant need to have men smoke your cock every time your sad beard of a wife's back is turned eighty year old dick. Got it? Just in case you didn't catch it all, I don't want you. The only thing I want you to do is leave. Clear enough, you stupid piece of self-hating shit?"I have no australian preteens models idea where that came from, even now. Granted, I have an English degree, and read three or four books a week, but to have that pour out of me was almost like speaking in tongues. All I saw was a red haze, and when I was done, Kevin was staring at me with his mouth hanging open like nobody had ever talked back to him before in his life. Maybe no one had. Before my eyes, though, pregnant preteen sex he swallowed, and his macho straight guy persona visibly locked into place."Chris!" preteen kinky pictures JC sluty preteen girls choked behind me, his voice strangled."I don't need this shit," he snapped, stepping past me as he started to button up his shirt. "I don't need this gay boy drama and you, you're some kind of fucking nutjob. I'm outta here.""Kevin," JC said softly from behind me."Fuck you, JC," Kevin said smoothly, not even slowing down. "Play with your fabulous new friend, and don't fucking call me.""Good!" I said to his back, unable to resist getting the last word in. "Get the hell out of here!"Kevin turned back, his eyes narrow and deadly serious. He stalked across the room to me, and I thought that maybe I wouldn't be getting out of this without getting decked after all. His hands were clenched tightly into fists, and photography of preteens I could see the veins preteen hot video standing out ls m preteen in his arms dutch porn preteen where they extended beyond the ends of his short sleeves. Behind me, JC didn't move, at least not that I could hear, and Kevin paid him no mind, his gaze locked on me as I stood my ground. After the way he'd talked to JC, I'd ass lick preteen be damned if I was going to look weak in front of him, and give him another target. He stepped right preteen modellists com up to me, chest to chest, almost touching, but still I wouldn't back off, and when he spoke it hissed out between his clenched teeth."If you tell anyone that I was here," he began, jabbing his pointing finger into my chest. It hurt, but I wouldn't flinch."Don't fucking touch me," I hissed back."You tell anyone I was here, and I'll do more than touch you," he promised, not removing his finger from where it sat in the center of my chest. "I'll come back here and kick myself some faggot ass, and you and him and your prissy little boyfriend won't be able to do a damn thing to stop me. Clear?""Fuck you," I answered, drawing it photographs preteen models out, pausing between the words, practically begging to get smacked. For a second I thought he would, but then horny preteen cunt he stepped back, throwing a last smug glare over my shoulder at JC, and then stomping off into the hallway. As soon as he was gone I let out a long sighing release of breath, and rubbed the center of my chest where he'd jabbed it. I wondered if I would have a bruise.We stood in silence, listening to him stomp down the hall and then slam the door to the garage. I couldn't believe that I hadn't gotten in a fight, especially after I'd channeled the spirit of gay pride rage, or whatever the hell that was. Maybe it was just that I didn't like listening to anyone abuse someone else like that. I'd heard enough people say stuff like that to me, and those weren't people that preteenz lesbian I might have cared about. I turned to JC, meaning to ask if he was ok, and saw him staring at me with a look on his face that actually seemed angry. He was white as a sheet, pale somehow despite his tan, and his whole body seemed to be shaking."JC?" I asked, confused."What are you doing here?" ilegal preteens pedo he demanded, his eyes filled with tears again. He stepped toward me, his hands shaking, and his voice was rising, almost hurting my ears. "Why did you do that?""I stayed home," I repeated helplessly. I'd actually thought he'd be grateful for my help. "I had a headache, and I stayed home.""Why did you do that?" he demanded again, tears gushing down his cheeks. "Why did you say that?""The things he said," I began. "The way he was talking to you, I couldn't let him say that to you. I don't know.""You don't know anything!" he screamed, cutting me off. I was frozen as he pushed past me, his face red, eyes squeezed closed. His body shook with racking incest with preteen sobs as candid voyeur preteen he stumbled up the stairs, almost falling down them, and he slammed his door closed."JC!" I yelled, broken from my trance, following him. "JC, wait!"I knocked on the door, and heard the music inside surge up so loudly that I could feel it vibrating under my hand. I didn't want to force my way in, but I was worried about him, and I didn't want to just leave him there alone. I tried the knob, and it was locked."JC, please, I just want to help," I called through the door. "I just wanted to help you.""Go away," preteens porn he said from the other side. He was choking out the words, and I knew that I'd fucked up completely. "Please, just go away. Get out of my house, get out of my hallway, please, just please go.""JC," I called again, not wanting to leave him like nn thong preteens this, especially since it was partially my fault."Leave me alone!" he screamed with all the strength of years of singing behind it. His voice trailed off after that, as if he had nothing left inside him. "Please leave me alone."I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to go too far, as he was obviously upset and I didn't know enough about JC's mental state to decide if he was upset enough to do something stupid to himself. I couldn't really go anywhere, anyway, not without calling a cab. I could have called Justin, but this wasn't really the kind of problem I wanted to explain to him. He'd been hurt enough by JC's infidelity, so much so that he barely even spoke of it, and when he did he always talked about how JC had hurt him, without ever really acknowledging what that hurt was. Even though Justin was with me sexy preteens russian now, I knew that hearing about this would still upset him, and I already had one basket case on my hands. I knew that I couldn't call Lance, as this much gay drama would confuse him and make him too uncomfortable to be helpful. I didn't think he'd say anything to hurt JC, at least not any more than I apparently had, but he couldn't really do much to help him by ending all discussion of why he was upset in the first place.Joey, on the other hand, was more than comfortable with the gay stuff, based on the way he'd treated Justin and I when we stayed with him, but I didn't know if I wanted to put him in the middle of this. Justin operated on a pretty open basis, telling everyone on the inside everything, more or less, but I'd gotten the sense that JC was more private. I didn't even know for sure if Joey knew about Kevin, and didn't want to make the decision to share that with him if JC hadn't. I didn't know where Britney was, or how to defloration preteen models reach her, or if JC was even close enough to her that he would want to talk to her, and I didn't want to call Johnny, either. The guys were on good terms with him, and probably counted him as a friend, but he was also their boss, and God knew if I had a boss I wouldn't want him this far into my life. That left Chris, whose number I had. On the other hand, Chris hated me, and would hate me even more when he knew I'd interfered with JC's life, whether or not I explained preteen lolka that I'd done it trying to help him.That left staying at the xxx russian preteens house alone with JC as my only option, but I wanted to give him space until he cooled off, too. If he wanted a russian nudist preteen drink, or to lola preteen bbs play the piano, or whatever else he did when he was upset and wasn't laying in his room lighting candles and sobbing, I didn't want him to trip over me while he was doing it. I went to my bedroom and changed into a pair of trunks, and then collected my phone, my book, my sunglasses, and a bottle of sunscreen. I stopped in the kitchen on my way to the pool and loaded up the ice bucket with a couple of bottles of preteens x pics soda and a lot of ice, and decided that I would goth preteen porn sack out on the patio, resting on a lounge chair until JC came down or underaged preteen nude Justin came home. At least I wouldn't be coming home from Florida without some color.I had just finished coating my front, and as much of my back as I could reach, with sunscreen when my phone chirped. I checked the caller ID."Hi, Justin," I said, smiling, leaning back on the lounge chair."Hey baby," he said, his voice low and somehow echoing. "I wanted to call and check on you.""You sound strange," I pointed out. "And why are you whispering? Where are you?""I'm hiding in the bathroom," he answered, and by his tone I could tell that he had to be rolling his eyes. "I told them that I really, really had to go, and that I couldn't hold nudes young preteen it anymore."We both snickered."You sound better," Justin said. "How are you?""I'm out by the pool," I answered, leaning back, soaking up the sun. "I've got my book, and I filled up the ice bucket with sodas, and I'm just going to lay out here for a while. Hell, I might even swim.""I'm glad you're feeling better," Justin sighed. "Where's JC?""I think he's in his room," I answered smoothly. It wasn't a lie, exactly. It just left a bunch of stuff out. I heard someone knocking on a door in the background of Justin's call."I'll be done in a second!" Justin screamed, giving it his best spoiled popstar tone. "Can I please just have a minute? Please? Thank you!""You have to go, don't you?" I asked, not waiting for him to answer. "Dinner in or out tonight?""I want to eat in, just to make sure you're ok," he answered immediately."Justin, it was just a headache," I said, rolling my eyes. "I'm fine now.""No arguing," he said. "I have to go. I love you. Bye!"He hung up, the last thing I heard a kissing noise, and then I was left to my own devices. preteen porno boys Not having worked out since I'd come down here (unless sex counted, a voice in my head snickered), I jumped in the pool and did laps for a while, but it was hard to keep my mind off of the morning's events, no matter how hard I tried to ignore them. How the hell did Justin manage to pretend that nothing was wrong all this time? When I got bored with laps, I snuck inside to make a couple of sandwiches, carrying them outside and eating by the pool. I had no sign that JC had left his room, but figured better safe than sorry. After I ate I figured it was time to put on a second coat of sunscreen. As a typical redhead, I was pretty pale, and I could see that my front was getting a little pinkish. I needed to turn over, but was afraid of a burn, and was struggling to get my back when I heard JC behind me."I can help with that, if you want," he said softly. I saw his shadow beside me on the patio, but didn't want to turn around. It might spook him."You don't mind?" I asked casually, holding the bottle over my shoulder. Maybe preteen loita he wouldn't notice that my hand was shaking."No, I'll get it," he answered. He didn't sound angry, or depressed, just subdued. "Just lay down, and I'll get you. You preteen nn bikina burn easy, don't you?""Yeah," I answered, resting my hands under my chin. "Just look at my shoulders, JC.""You do have a lot of freckles," he observed. "But they don't look bad on you. They give you, I don't know, character.""If only you'd gone to my preteen free ladies grade school," I sighed, hearing him squirt some onto his hand. "Freckleface isn't really a name that builds a lot of character."JC's hand slid onto my back, lightly, but I could immediately feel the difference between his touch and Justin's. JC's was lighter, careful, as if he was afraid of breaking me somehow, and his hand just felt different. The fingers were longer, and the palm soft. I thought Justin had good hands, but as JC carefully rubber the lotion into my back I wondered if he soaked his hands in moisturizer all day or something. Was all of his skin like this? It was also a little cold, and he caught my shiver."Sorry," he said softly, patting russia preteen porno my shoulder when he was done."Thanks," I said, waiting. He set the bottle down next to me with black preteen virgins the teeny preteen ru rest of my stuff, and I heard him settle onto the lounge chair next to me, his feet sliding into nonude preteen blog view. I was still laying with my head on my hands, the back of my chair lowered so that I could stretch out on it, but he was sitting in his, and all I could see without turning my head were his long, lean legs and the bottom of the khaki shorts he was wearing."Chris, I'm sorry," he said quietly. "I'm sorry I yelled at you before, and I didn't mean, I don't really want you to images preteen nudes leave. I don't want to kick you out of the house or anything. I was just, I was upset, and you really caught shameless preteen gallery me off guard.""I didn't mean to," I said quickly. "I mean, I know it was none of my business, and I didn't mean to butt in, but I just.""Chris," he said softly."No, really," I continued, not wanting to alienate him. JC and I had been getting along so well, and the last thing I wanted was to have him for an enemy. "What was going on was your business and you had your guest over and I'm just a guest here and I had no right to talk to him that way or to yell at him or tell him that you wanted him to leave if you didn't want him to.""Chris," JC said again, touching my shoulder lightly. "Please."I wasn't cute preteen boyz sure what I should do. He didn't sound angry, preteen retro nude and his fingers brushed over me softly, just to get my attention."I'm not mad at you," he said, pulling his hand away. "I can hear that you're nervous, and worried, and I don't think that what happened, I don't want you to think I'm holding it against you. I didn't mean to yell at you. preteen xxx boys I just, like I said, I preteen young tits was preteen lo girls upset, and I guess I just kind of lashed out. I didn't mean young pics preteen to, and I hope you can forgive me."I rolled over, and he was looking down at me. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a bright red and white print pattern all over youngest toplist preteen it, and a hat shaded his eyes. >From my angle the sun was behind him, and the brim of the cap kept his face shadowed, so I couldn't really see him, even with my sunglasses sweet naked preteens on."JC, I'm not mad at you," I said. "Of course I can forgive you. And I mean it, too. I didn't mean to intrude, I just, you sounded so upset, and I was trying to help.""I know," he said, looking down. "I know you were trying to help, and I appreciate it. It's just, well, I don't know. I guess you don't really understand.""JC, I don't think anyone understands," I said, shaking my head. "I mean, the things he naturalist pre teens said, I just."I wasn't even sure what to say. What I'd heard was preteens top bikinis just so ugly, so harsh and cruel, like he was trying to hurt JC on purpose. Even as I thought it, I realized that he was. JC turned his nudism preteen video head away for a second, and I wondered if he was going to start crying again."JC, is he always like that?" I asked softly, swallowing. He nodded, still not looking at me. "Does he, um, has he ever, uh.""Does he hit me?" JC asked, his voice even lower than mine. His shoulders started to shake a little. "Did it sound like he has to?"He let out a sob, and I sat up as he started to stand, holding a hand toward his face. He started to pull away, trying to get out of his chair, and I wrapped my arms around him. I couldn't leave him in pain like this, and I wasn't letting him run upstairs and lock himself in his room again, when that obviously wasn't horny preteen nudes working. He tried to fight me for a second, bristling in my arms, but then he just broke, collapsing against me, and I rubbed his back as he sobbed into my bare shoulder. Justin was a loud, gasping and wailing and sobbing crier sometimes, but JC was quiet, as if he was preteens wet tgp trying to hide, and he shook against me as wet tears fell onto my shoulder."He doesn't, doesn't hit me, because he," JC tried to say, his chest hitching."Shhh," I said, trying to calm him down. I wasn't doing a damn thing to help blog preteen lingerie him today, apparently."He just, he preteen kiddy girls says things," JC continued as preteen huge boy if I hadn't spoken. "He always says things, and I just, I always listen, and he just, that's how he hurts me. He doesn't have to hit me, because he doesn't need to.""He's not here now," I soothed, foolishly pointing out the obvious as if that would help. "It's ok, JC.""It's not ok!" he screamed, pulling away from me. He slid out of my arms so fast I almost fell off preteen wet pics of my chair, and he stalked away to the edge of the pool, jerking to a stop with his back to me. "What kind of a person goes back to someone like preteen sex clips that? What kind of a person just lets someone do that to them? It's not ok, Chris.""I didn't mean anything by it," I said softly. "I was just trying to help.""I know," he said, arms rigid, his head down as if he was staring into the water. Shit, what if he tried to drown himself? "You've been trying to help me all day, and I just keep yelling at you."He turned around, giving me a small smile as he wiped at his eyes with his hand, his brief crying storm apparently past for the moment, and I smiled back uncertainly. His hands were shaking, and I was afraid to move out of my preteen pedo clips chair to comfort him. I'd thought that hugging him and japaneese preteen pics giving him a shoulder to cry on would help, but he'd pulled away, and I didn't want to force it."It's ok," I said, shrugging. "I'm getting used to it.""Please don't say that," he said quickly, his smile vanishing. "Please don't ever say that. preteens girl fucked Don't ever get used to someone yelling at you. Don't let someone, don't let anyone treat you that way.""Why do you?" I asked, folding my legs up so that I could rest my head on my knees. "Why do you let him do that to you, and make you feel like this? I've seen you, JC, after you talk to him on the phone, like the other morning, and I can tell it hurts you. It was him that you went pedo preteens gallery to see, wasn't it?""Yeah, it was," he answered, nodding."And I saw you when you came back," I reminded him. "You spent the whole day in your room, JC. I was preteen pussy party really worried about you, and I guess that's why I butted in this morning, too. I mean, sure, I was angry, but mostly I was just worried about you. Why do you let him do that to you?"JC wiped at his eyes again, and his jaw worked as he tried to find an answer. Normally he was so direct with me, and it was really throwing me to have him evade me so much. He dropped his gaze to preteen my chest, kds bbs preteen trying to avoid my face, and preteens model videos I saw his eyes widen for a second before they squinted and started to water again."What?" I asked, looking down. Right in the middle of my breastbone there was a sort of round, dark purple circle, right where Kevin had jabbed me with his fingers. "Oh."JC reached out with one hand, as if he was going to touch it, and his shaking tiny tits preteen fingers stopped just before they reached my skin."He hurt you," JC said, his voice starting to crack again."No, hey, it's nothing," I said, grabbing his arm, trying to play natural poses preteen it off. I pulled him over to the lounge as he looked at me, tears trickling onto his cheeks again. He was having a complete breakdown on the patio, and nothing I'd done so far had preteen oops pics been able to stop it. "It doesn't even hurt, JC, it's just a little mark. It's nothing, really, don't get upset.""But he, he," JC said, choking on the words as I rubbed his back, sitting side by side on the lounge seat. "He hurt you. Kevin hurt you because of me. Oh, God, Chris, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.""Stop, JC, please," I said. "Don't apologize for something he did. It's not your fault.""It wouldn't have happened if he wasn't here," JC said weakly, leaning forward. I continued rubbing his back, since it was the kind of gesture that always soothed Justin when he was upset. Maybe the reason Justin was so prone to weeping had something to do with spending so much of his teens with JC. I realized that I was latin preteens sex being unfair, and that JC had been going through a difficult time paradise preteens the entire week or so that I'd known him, but still, he seemed to cry a lot."Just because you invited him over doesn't make it your fault," I said, shaking my head. "If anything it was mine, for saying all that to him.""Chris," JC said, sighing again."No, I mean it," I argued. "I mean, I practically goaded him into it. I'm surprised I didn't get decked. I was practically begging for it, what with calling him a self-hating piece of shit.""Gay assed hiding in the closet eighty year old," JC added, sniffling. At least he'd stopped crying."Needing to get his cock smoked every time his wife is gone," I preteen nonnude panties continued, shaking my head. I couldn't help it. I was smirking."Sad beard of a wife," JC clarified, a small smile finally creeping across his face. "Poor Kristen."How he could still care about other people, especially people that really he should at least resent, if not completely dislike, preteen legs open was beyond me, but that was JC for you. He was so good at turning the other cheek that I was starting to wonder if panty pics preteen anyone had ever told him that it's naked nonude preteens better not to be slapped in the first place."I can't believe I said all that," I chuckled, shaking my head."It was impressive," JC agreed. "The look on his face was preteen korean video just, wow. I don't think anyone's ever told him off like that before.""I don't think I've ever told anyone off like that, if it makes you feel any better," I said. "Matt used to say that if I preteen girls torrents got pissed off free ukrainian preteen enough I could do anything. I guess Kevin just brought out the worst in me.""Matt was the man you lived with?" JC asked. I wondered how much Chris, Justin, preteen cum shots Lynn, or whoever else was talking had shared with him."Yeah," I answered, nodding. "He was an amazing person. I think you would have liked him."JC swallowed, his preteen lo book mouth pressing into a thin line."I might have liked him, too, but I wouldn't have met him," JC said, looking away. "If he were still here, you'd still be with him, not with Justin.""Yeah," I said again, looking away, feeling preteens european that little surge of guilt again. I'd tried to make my peace with Matt, but sometimes in the back of my mind I still felt like I was doing something wrong by being with Justin. I knew in my head that I wasn't being unfaithful, but I didn't always know it in my heart. "I guess not.""I'm sorry," JC said quickly, reaching up to rub my shoulder. "I know it's not the same, but I know what it's like to lose someone you love."We both knew it was true, and I'd known it for days, but I had to say preteen twinks gallery it. I was tired of not confronting things."You do still love Justin, don't you?" I asked, dreading the answer.JC looked at me seriously, his blue green strip preteen eyes searching my face. He looked as nervous as I felt, but I could see that he wasn't going to lie to me."Yeah, I do," he answered. "But I lost him. I had him, and I threw him away, and now he's yours and I have to live with that. I hurt him, and broke promises, and betrayed him, and it's all my own fault. At least someone took Matt from you. I know that doesn't make you feel any better, but at least you didn't break preteen webcam mpegs his heart and throw him away.""I couldn't do that," I said, shaking my head. "I never would have been able to do to Matt what you did to Justin. I don't understand how you could do that, especially not now that I know you. Why did you do it, JC? If you had Justin, why the hell did you sleep with Kevin?"JC sighed, standing again, and started to walk away. I wondered if I'd been too direct, if I'd damaged the bond he and I had been building, but he looked back as he sat on the edge of the pool, dropping his feet into the water. server preteen His shoulders dropped a little, but he patted the tile hot preteen russia next to him, and I slowly walked over and dropped my feet into the water, too. For a few moments we just sat there, slowly moving our legs back and forth, watching the ripples. I remembered the other day how I'd been mentally lamenting the fact that even his feet were perfect, but sitting next to him my own preteen art site didn't seem quite so average. Either that preteen kiddie pron or his glow tight preteen panties of perfection was finally wearing off."I know you don't understand," JC said quietly. "Justin doesn't understand, Chris doesn't understand, and no one else wanted to pry, so they didn't even ask. I'm not sure I can even explain it, but I'll try, ok?""OK," I answered, nodding. I waited for him to speak.***To be continued.
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